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Disposable Plastic Shoe Covers

Product Code: DPSC-001

Material: Polyethylene (PE)

Unit Size: 5.9 in x 14.25 in / 5.9 in x 15.7 in

Categories: Other

Show that your business is all about amazing items with these disposable plastic shoe covers! They're anti-slip, made of PE material, and can be applied for hospital use. These protect your feet from dust and other chemicals. You could even use these to protect against tracking in any germs from outside. They come in two sizes: 5.9" x 14.25" (women) and 5.9" x 15.7" (men). Offer these to make your business stand out from the crowd!



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Shipping Information


FOB shipping point. Door to door direct from our overseas facility.

Standard Turnaround Time

13-20 Business Days


21 lbs. for 1000 pcs. per Carton

Shipping Dimension

53 cm x 27 cm x 33.3 cm